2 Promising Alternatives to Instagram

People are scrambling and complaining about the recent news of Facebook buying out of Instagram. I was personally bummed but as disappointing as the news was, can you imagine how stoked the developers are? I congratulate them on their success and I hope that their original vision for this app remains and please no ads? Only time will tell what changes will be implemented. Change is not necessarily a bad thing.

Let’s see what happens.

Until then here are 2 promising alternatives to Instagram that my photography saavy friends have recommended to me – PicYou and tadaa.

You can find me on there at bunniexoxo but I haven’t uploaded anything yet. I’m getting familiar with the interface and testing out the possibilities. Right now, I’m leaning towards tadaa as far as my preference. One interesting thing to note is that PicYou is iphone exclusive. The UI comparison at first glance, I’m going to have to lean towards tadaa. Both apps are free in the appstore- worth a try!

~Bunniexoxo oba and out!

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