This is my 1st post on our new collaboration blog- our purpose: to share news and reviews that might be of interest to an i-device user. We shall be posting app reviews, case reviews and things that hopefully will be useful to somebody out there :)

Sooooo my 1st review is on my favorite type of apps-photography!

FYI: I do NOT hoard countless and useless photo apps. I do however, regularly go through them and try them out fully. If I dislike the UI or find the functions repetitive I get rid of it. I can’t bear the clutter on my screen or the mere thought of useless apps sitting around. This is just my personal preference, to you hoarders out there-hoard away! :P

So last night, I happen to come across mashable’s article showcasing “Flixel” and I was curious to try it out. The developers of Flixel clearly state that they were “inspired” by cinemagraphs and their motto “to bring your photos to life”.

If you don’t know what cinemagraphs are, to put it simply…they are basically GIFs- like those cute little quick moving animated pics we often are exposed to on the web.

I find this app very promising and exciting. Although it is very similar in what the app Cinemagram does, I actually prefer Flixel in that the UI is much more user friendly. I screen capped the basic UI in the photo above. How simple and pretty is the purple??

I seriously think a child could easily make a quick cinemagraph in a matter of seconds. I love the limitless possibilities this app offers as far as the movements. The filters are also much more “cleaner” in my opinion in comparison to that of Cinemagram.

I conclude Flixel is a definitely worth a try photo app and did I mention it’s for FREE! Tweet me your thoughts on this app if you use it! I’d like to see what you guys come up with!

~ @bunniexoxo oba and out!

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